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Update: Video Added on 18/5/2008 - Our Best Work: Dubai Center For Special Needs

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Redial Entertainment Today

The five great souls that constitute Redial Entertainment are still alive, but scattered.

Harendra-ji is in Bombay, India enjoying university life like it should be, caught amidst his dreams, his passions and his recently shaved off afro.

Tejas-ji is in Pune, India, exploring "The Civil Cats" with his city neighbor Harendra-ji, trying to find his true education-calling; yet, staying faithful and connected to the film industry in some way or the other.

Ali-ji is in Toronto, Canada, playing CleopatraII (his guitar) better than ever, piercing, eating and studying Computer Science. Watch out for his guitar-skills - he just might become the next big thing. Remember then that you first heard of him here.

Romit-ji is also in Toronto, Canada, living his life to the fullest, becoming sexier than ever without disconnecting from anything he once treasured, which includes film-making.

I am in Austin, TX, USA, enjoying the independence like never before, getting involved wherever I can, and always staying connected to my passions of football (soccer), film-making and people.

Redial Entertainment will always unite us. Technically, it might just get revived and explore our greatest ambitions. Remember Ali, those ludacris-ly ambitious yet somewhat realistic dreams that we discussed of Redial Entertainment in those cab-rides back home?


Our Best Work: Dubai Center For Special Needs Documentary

Summer of 2007 saw Redial Entertainment unite and shoot a complimentary promotional documentary for the Dubai Center for Special Needs. It is now extensively used to promote Dubai Center for Special Needs and is our best professional work so far.

From the scriptwriting to the video footage to the interviews, everything was handled by us.

Producers: Anish Malpani, Gulshan Kavarana.
Directors: Tejas Menon, Anish Malpani, Gulshan Kavarana
Camera: Romit Sen, Tejas Menon
Editor: Anish Malpani

Special Thanks to:
Dhruv Dhavan - for lending us his Camera and Sound Equipment
Jenai Kavarana
Ashiq Rahiman