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Update: Video Added on 18/5/2008 - Our Best Work: Dubai Center For Special Needs

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Niche - An Advertisment [UPDATED]

This is an advert made by us [Redial Entertainment] for a store called "Niche". This shop will sell art-related goods such as canvases and sketches, body art ("henna"), accessories, etc at the Young Entrepreneur Competition that is going to be held in Reef Mall, Dubai from the 3rd to the 5th of April. Special paintings done by the students of the Dubai Center For Special Needs will also be up on sale, and all proceeds from the sale of these paintings will go to Dubai Center For Special Needs.
Visit their website @:

This is Redial Entertainment's newest project, and we really enjoyed doing it. It was completely shot by us, and Romit's back is living proof. [see below]

To shoot at a height parallel to ground, with the camera perpendicular to its usual position, we came up with what I would call the "Redial-Ninety-Degree" setup. We piled 2 tables on top of each other, and our famed camera man, Romit, then took the honour of holding the tripod parallel to the ground at a particular height (as shown in the picture) for the whole of 7 minutes. Romit died. Almost, but that hero did hold on well.

Yes the girls took only 7 minutes to paint, or well "doodle", the final picture, with ferocious instructions being shouted from us directors. Anyway, we really enjoyed making this video, and are proud of what we have achieved. Yes, there is scope for improvement, but there always is. Anyway, let's hope it's the first of many.

P.S. Good luck to Niche!

Teachers Day 2006 - Girl's Play: Stealing The ICSE Papers

This was a mini-story-type video made for the Girls' Play which was a part of Teachers' Day 2006. It depicts a scene of three girls making an attempt to steal the ICSE papers from school.

Joseph & the Technicolor Dream Coat - Close Every Door

This video was used as a backdrop for a special monologue addressing Diabetes awareness held in Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates during early march, under the patronage of Princess Haya.

Teachers Day 2006 - Ali's Intro Video

A short video used to introduce the character of Ali in the extravaganza that was "Beyond Wonderland" that was held at the Dubai Modern High School.

Joseph & the Technicolor Dream Coat - Close Every Door

This was used as a background for a local adaptation "Any Dream Will Do", of Joseph & the Technicolor Dream Coat for the song "Close Every Door". It was put on three large screens.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I Believe I Can Fly

This video was used as a background video, which was supported by live singing voices, lights and dance sequences at the Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai in early March for a Diabetes Awareness program under the patronage of Princess Haya of Dubai.

Redial Entertainment - The Official Launch!

Yesterday was the biggest day in the history of Redial Entertainment. From Romit's famous head-shave, to meeting a 'could-have-been-Rivaldo' football player, the day held great moments for all of us.

Yesterday Redial Entertainment officially began.

Thanks to our very first sponsor, Mr. Kishore Malpani who provided us with funds to kick off Redial Entertainment with a great big bang. Also not to forget Mrs. Dina Malpani without whose guidance today would not have been possible. We are now equipped and ready to take on full-fledged assignments and to give Media Solutions to all who wish our services.

"We Anish Malpani, Romit Sen, Harendra Kapur, Ali Khan and Tejas Menon solemnly pledge to uphold our duties as Semi-Professional Video-Makers to the best of our abilities."

Contact us at redial.entertainment@gmail.com
Looking forward to working with you guys! Call Again!