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Friday, March 16, 2007

Redial Entertainment - The Official Launch!

Yesterday was the biggest day in the history of Redial Entertainment. From Romit's famous head-shave, to meeting a 'could-have-been-Rivaldo' football player, the day held great moments for all of us.

Yesterday Redial Entertainment officially began.

Thanks to our very first sponsor, Mr. Kishore Malpani who provided us with funds to kick off Redial Entertainment with a great big bang. Also not to forget Mrs. Dina Malpani without whose guidance today would not have been possible. We are now equipped and ready to take on full-fledged assignments and to give Media Solutions to all who wish our services.

"We Anish Malpani, Romit Sen, Harendra Kapur, Ali Khan and Tejas Menon solemnly pledge to uphold our duties as Semi-Professional Video-Makers to the best of our abilities."

Contact us at redial.entertainment@gmail.com
Looking forward to working with you guys! Call Again!

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