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Update: Video Added on 18/5/2008 - Our Best Work: Dubai Center For Special Needs

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - Any Dream Will Do - 3 Screens

Our first "official"/"professional" piece of work. Imagine the three screens to be 3 large ones, supported by lights, dances and a live choir. It's for GEMS' and The Millenium High School's musical - Joseph & The Technicolor Dream Coat
Live in December.

Tejas Menon
Anish Malpani

What We Do

Video/Presentations for various purposes:

  • Professional Video Backgrounds
  • Semi-Professional Documentaries
  • Semi-Professional Advertisements
  • Personal Videos
  • Entertainment (Fun) Videos
  • And more


  • Semi-Professional Sound Mixing
  • Single Professional Lead Guitarist available
  • And more

NOTE: Redial Entertainment is very flexible. We will do whatever we can. If we are told to handle an event, and we see potential fun and the fact that it could be an experience-giving experience, we will go for it!

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The Team

Core Team Members:

  1. Anish Malpani - Manager/Head of Production/Editor/Brand Manager
  2. Tejas Menon - Assistant Manager/Director Of Photography/Assistant Sound-Advisor/ Assistant Brand Manager/ Editor
  3. Romit Sen - Head Cameraman/Assistant Editor/Head Archiver/Video-Creative Advisor/
  4. Ali Khan - Lead Guitarist (up for "loan", will play for those who deservingly require him)/Audio Consultant
  5. Harendra Kapur - Head Of Advertising/Creative Advisor
Special Advisory Team & Support:
  1. Mr Axel Rodericks
  2. Mrs Sharon Lobo

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Frontroad Mans - I Want It That Way - LIVE at Teachers' Day 2005

Frontroad Mans live at the Dubai Modern High School during Teachers Day 2005. The night was memorable, fun and lame-turned-unlame, so we are bloody proud of it. Enjoy!

Beds, Bacons & Bachelors - The Trailer

The trailer for the highly personal video documentary which serves as a piece of memory for us, rekindling the infamous 3 Day stay over at Romit's.

This was Tejas' bored-so-nothing-else-to-do video, which turned out to be pretty awesome. I like!

The Making Of Matrix Shit

The making of the video "Matrix Shit". Yes this video does border lame, but the important aspect is that it is an element of our memory, and the unlimited fun we like to have.

See the final video here.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Beds, Bacon and Bachelors Day 1 Edited version

A highly personal video documentary which serves as a piece of memory for us, rekindling the infamous 3 Day stay over at Romit's.

Sweet Memories 2005

A highly personal video which only has one purpose: Recollecting 2005, one of the most memorable years of our lives.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not So Scary

This was our attempt to make an exceptionally scary film. However our excitement faded when we actually did start making the video, because we realised that it is not that easy to scare the living hell out of people. So the name came to be "Not So Scary", almost trying to mock our inability to scare the common observer. Though I must admit, so feeble hearts did flinch at some parts of this film. Hope your experience was more laughing-at-the-stupid type! =)

Nupur's Party

A fun, time-pass video for some of my building friends/juniors - made their day for sure, and converted a half-boring party in loads of fun.

I wrote a whole blogpost on this, so you might as well visit it if you are half interested in knowing the complete background to this video:-


MNN- 12th Grade Farewell

It is traditional for the 11th grade students to throw a farewell dinner for the grade 12 students each year. We went a step ahead and gave them a video they would never forget. With harry in the lead this video broke all barriers of regular editing and is till today remembered at our school.

The Call

A tribute to the movie 'Phone Booth' and how that it was filmed in 12 days! Romit and I try to break their record. Suspense, Tension and Action all in one.

Here's the link to its online premiere on The Cryptic.


One of our more 'critically-acclaimed' videos. This one actually has a plot. Pay attention.

Matrix Shit

We made this video at a stage at which if you have two extremely bored people and a camera, you will make a video...be it anything.

Puppetz Gone Wild

Go Figure.
Rating : 18+ (seriously)

Incomplete - Bloopers

Every video has bloopers; even spoofs! These are the bloopers to the 'The FrontRoad Mans - Incomplete'.

The Frontroad Mans - Incomplete

This was by far our most popular video. Introducing the spoof boy band "The Frontroad mans", to highlight the return of our favourite boy band the Backstreet Boys!


It has always been a personal dream of mine to be able to gain supernormal powers without any single rational reason. Romit and I here decided to fulfil that dream with 'Superheroes'.
Note: This video was made ages before the now popular tv series 'Heroes'.

Harry's Nice Day

Videos aren't always made so easily. Harry has some problems with his computer.

The Frontroad Mans - Show me the meaning of being Lonely

Another installment from the immensely popular "FrontRoad Mans". An obvious spoof yet thoroughly enjoying video on the Backstreet Boy's 'Show me the meaning'.


It seems at this point we may have been a bit too attached to our fellow classmates and friends; this is for them.

Have a Nice Day

Broadcasting our relatively "younger" sides.