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Friday, November 17, 2006

Beds, Bacon and Bachelors Day 1 Edited version

A highly personal video documentary which serves as a piece of memory for us, rekindling the infamous 3 Day stay over at Romit's.

1 comment:

Jozie said...

i have a lot to say!
first...what was with the case of the bandana suddenly popping up on anybody's head? it was cute, all the same. and um...i have the same mittens as the ones Romit was wearing....or...using as a puppet:S.
God bless Ali, and may he always keep sneezing so violently so that everyone hears him and gets more blessings. i loved all the songs. And one very important thing i wanted to say was....i hate being a girl. i really really wish i were a boy. Seriously, you guys have no idea how lucky you are to be of the masculine gender. Why don't you find girls being exceptional and standing out? Why don't you find girls going for lond walks like Tejas does? Why don't you find girls going for 3-day-stayovers to each others' houses?

i'm sorry, i just feel very....angry at this. I feel..... i can't find the word, but i feel something about having to be the "weaker sex".

getting carried away again...sorry.
but i hope you guys reply to this.

i loved the documentary, in short. makes me wish i were a boy even more.