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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beds, Bacon and Bachelors Day 3 Edited version part 1 and 2

A highly personal video documentary which serves as a piece of memory for us, rekindling the infamous 3 Day stay over at Romit's.

1 comment:

Nishant said...

OK. I FEEL LIKE WATCHING THIS A MILLION TIMES MORE. AND I'M NOT EXAGGERATING. Ok maybe I am, but really, props to all of you, that was brilliant. Now, I really hate all of you for not staying longer and making the video longer. Why? Because it was just brilliant. A little rough on the song-volume parts, but brilliant nonetheless. I absolutely love it, be it 1,2,3 or any of the subparts. All of them kick ass.

But then again, thats what you guys always do. I'm gonna miss you. But promise me I'll see more videos like this. For the cahumamillionth time, I love it.