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Update: Video Added on 18/5/2008 - Our Best Work: Dubai Center For Special Needs

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Team

Core Team Members:

  1. Anish Malpani - Manager/Head of Production/Editor/Brand Manager
  2. Tejas Menon - Assistant Manager/Director Of Photography/Assistant Sound-Advisor/ Assistant Brand Manager/ Editor
  3. Romit Sen - Head Cameraman/Assistant Editor/Head Archiver/Video-Creative Advisor/
  4. Ali Khan - Lead Guitarist (up for "loan", will play for those who deservingly require him)/Audio Consultant
  5. Harendra Kapur - Head Of Advertising/Creative Advisor
Special Advisory Team & Support:
  1. Mr Axel Rodericks
  2. Mrs Sharon Lobo

1 comment:

_rayn_ (shruthis friend) said...

hmmm.....not bad.. just add da pics of the team