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Monday, April 2, 2007

Redial - Afterglow

This is our take on INXS' song "Afterglow". Yes we did try to spoof it, because well we just couldn't get enough of JD's infamous jump, but the video somehow didn't turn out very spoof-y. Also, we didn't have any hot chick to emulate Estelle, so this video might come of as a little homosexual, but it is not so. Enjoy it or abuse it, we don't really care that much, but appreciate the editing and the direction, at least a little bit.


Harry Ali and Romit said...

Awesome Shit..yar

Illika said...

homosexual it mite be..
but oh so much fun :D
brilliant camera work btw [in awe], LOVE the various angles it was shot at. some parts b very professional looking. classsy.

tanV said...

u guys are greaT!!!
i looove the editing and i agree with illika the way uve filmed the bits its awesome and haha the jump is killer!!!
love the bloopers at the end!!!